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The ETCF project is based on the experience and success of the Turkish Chamber Development Programme (TCDP), implemented in two phases by EUROCHAMBRES and TOBB from 2001 to 2005.

TCDP was initially launched in 2001 and implemented successfully by TOBB and EUROCHAMBRES for a one year term. It was renewed and implemented for a second term in 2004-2005.

Through the establishment of sustainable partnerships between selected Chambers both from Turkey and the EU, the programme aimed at strengthening the role of Turkish Chambers in their activities to enhance:

  1. The internationalization of enterprises
  2. Their role as key players in local development

In the first phase of the programme (until January 2003), 10 partnerships between EU and Turkish Chambers have been successfully implemented. In the second phase, 6 old partnerships were extended by introducing additional Turkish Chambers and 5 new partnerships were established.

Technical assistance has been provided to allow these partnerships to develop and implement joint projects, with the emphasis mainly on introducing new as well as innovative services within the Turkish Chambers. Within a period of up to 14 months, effective steps have been taken, ensuring a tangible improvement of the Chambers’ performances vis-a-vis their membership and local institutions. Moreover, TCDP projects have highlighted the crucial role that Chambers can and should play in the overall process of preparing the business communities for the international market and enhancing their competitiveness.

Taken into consideration the current size of the Turkish chamber network with 365 local Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Maritime and Commodity Exchanges and the strengthening ties between Turkey and the EU there is a clear potential for a large number of new Chamber partnerships.

About ETCF

The EU-Turkey Chambers Forum (ETCF) project has been implemented since December 2007 by the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry, EUROCHAMBRES, in cooperation with the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, TOBB.

A project team located in both Ankara and Brussels is implementing the ETCF project for a period of 2 years.


ETCF comes within the framework of the European Commission policy to strengthen the civil society dialogue between the EU and the candidate countries and in particular Turkey. The project is fully financed by the European Union (EU) under the 2006 Program for Pre Accession Assistance to promote the integration of EU and Turkish business communities.

As part of its enlargement strategy, EUROCHAMBRES has a long standing interest in assisting Chambers of Commerce, and their company members, in the candidate countries and in particular in Turkey to successfully manage the economic integration process with the EU.

ETCF is actually based on the experience and success of the Turkish Chamber Development Programme TCDP phase I & phase II, implemented by EUROCHAMBRES and TOBB from 2001 to 2005.

Since then, accession negotiations between the EU and Turkey have officially started and relations between EUROCHAMBRES and TOBB have intensified further.

There was therefore a need for a new project.

ETCF aim

ETCF will strengthen the mutual knowledge, dialogue and long-term co-operation between the Turkish Chambers and their counterparts in the EU as members of civil society; thus promoting the integration of EU and Turkish business communities.

ETCF will enable, in particular, Turkish chambers to follow the legislatives changes in Turkey in line with adoption to the so-called EU acquis communautaire in order to facilitate the effective implementation of this acquis. Being aware of the major legislative issues, the Turkish chambers will be able to actively participate in the accession negotiations through, in particular, the preparation of impact analysis and position papers.

ETCF will enhance the abilities of Turkish chambers to design and generate value-added services to their members by benchmarking with their European counterparts and benefiting from their know-how

ETCF activities

  • In order to increase Turkish Chambers’ knowledge on business-related acquis and to facilitate its effective implementation, the following activities will be implemented:

*   A Survey targeting up to 6.000 companies in Turkey will be conducted to assess Turkish companies’ knowledge of EU affairs and relevant policies as well as their readiness for enlargement.

*   12 training seminars on selected EU legislation will be held in Turkey for 300 Turkish Chamber executives.

*   To complement the seminars, 6 manuals on selected EU legislation will be published.

*   Approx 30 Turkish Chamber executives will receive a scholarship to participate in the EUROCHAMBRES Academy in 2008 and 2009.

*   A Turkish experts Database on EU legislation and sector policies will be created and will be available to the Chamber network and the wider public as a recognized source of information for EU affairs.

*   Approx. 50 Turkish Chambers will be accredited. The overall quality of the Turkish Chamber network will be enhanced through a system of quality standards and certification.

  • In order to address the Turkish Chambers’ needs of enhancing the service capacity of the Chambers, approx 15 partnerships between Turkish and European chambers will be created.

Partnership grant scheme
Partnership grant scheme
EU expert data base
EU expert data base
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