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Survey on “Corporate Preparations in Turkey for EU membership”

One of the lessons that can be drawn from previous EU accession negotiations is that the compliance with legislation at grass-root level is as important as the adaptation of the candidate legislation to that of the European Union at institutional level.
Turkish enterprises are strategic players in the EU legislation implementation process, since the majority of the Turkish legislation adapted to the EU acquis will directly or indirectly affect them. It is therefore crucial that the Turkish business community is properly and timely informed not only on the business-related acquis, but also on the opportunities and challenges of future accession to the EU.
Four years after the publication of the survey on “Corporate preparations in Turkey for EU membership”, a second edition of the survey will be carried out in the framework of the ETCF II project.
This new survey will provide a detailed insight into the level of awareness and readiness of Turkish companies to apply EU legislation, and to gauge businesses’ opinion about Turkey’s accession to the EU, and in particular their expectations, fears and hopes.
This new edition will be also an opportunity to compare the level of awareness and readiness of Turkish companies to apply EU legislation and their opinion on Turkey’s EU membership with the results of the 2008 servey
The survey results should help to bridge the current information gap on the business-related EU legislation so that the Turkish companies can make the necessary changes in their daily business. It will also provide the opportunity to enhance the debate in Turkey on EU membership within the civil society. A conference will be organized in Brussels to present the results of the 2012 survey.

Survey among European Companies
A similar exercise will be organized among European companies. The aim of this survey will be to assess the perspectives of European companies towards Turkey both from a business and enlargement angle.
The results of this second survey will be published and disseminated to the relevant stakeholders in Europe and in Turkey. A conference orginized in Brussels in April 10th to present the results of this survey.
Survey can be dowloaded from here

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