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Acqui Audit Training
Acquis Audit Training

The Acquis Audit is one of ETCF II activities which aims at developing expertise on EU related issues within the Turkish business community.

In the context of the Acquis audit, 24 Turkish Chamber experts trained by 4 EU acquis experts, will evaluate the Turkish companies’ compliance with the EU acquis communitaire in the 6 selected topics (consumer protection, environment, health and safety at work, chemicals, foodstuffs, and products requiring CE marking).

The Acquis Audit training was organized on 14-17 February 2012 in Istanbul at the Marmara Taksim Hotel. During this four day training session, the 24 selected Turkish experts received comprehensive information from M. Christian Mandl on consumer protection and health and safety at work, Luc Van Looveren on chemicals and foodstuffs, Markus Stock on products under the New Approach requiring CE marking and Antonija Bozic Cerar on environment At the beginning of the training, the Turkish experts were briefed on the general context in which the acquis audit activity is implemented, the ETCF II project as well as on the aim and different steps of acquis audit activity by Juliette Loppé, ETCF II project manager in EUROCHAMBRES.

After this intensive training, the Turkish experts have run a promotion campaign among their member companies to select about 250 companies to be audited.

Partnership grant scheme
Partnership grant scheme
EU expert data base
EU expert data base
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