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Study Visits
Study Visits

In order to strengthen the capacity of Turkish Chambers and Commodity Exchanges and to increase the cooperation and mutual knowledge between Chambers and Commodity Exchanges from Turkey and the EU, 4 study visits that will be organized in the EU.

The aim of the visits is twofold:
o To increase the institutional capacity of Turkish Chambers through training sessions on the specific topics mentioned.
o To enhance the understanding and knowledge on Turkey within the European business community through a half a day information session on Turkey provided by the selected Turkish experts. Turkish Chambers experts will have the opportunity to present Turkish market and its opportunities, main problems faced by Turkish businesses to adapt to EU requirements, main areas for future cooperation, etc

These visits will be also an opportunity for intensive networking. The Turkish Chambers will meet their European counterparts but also European representatives from national, regional or local institutions and organisations.

Each visit will last 3 to 5 days.

The following study visits are proposed to a total of 60 Turkish Chambers and Commodity Exchanges.
“International marketing of agro-food” organized by Belgian Chambers in March 2012
“Vocational training and internationalization” organized by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) in June 2012
“Development of SMEs: supports provided in the creation / development of the companies as well as in transfer of businesses” organized by Paris CCI and Seine & Marne CCI – in October 2012
“Innovation and internationalization” organized by the Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry – in March 2013 (Dates are provisional)
Partnership grant scheme
Partnership grant scheme
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EU expert data base
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